Never Failed Never Lived

16 Apr

I always watch this video and other videos. I like it. It actually makes me keep going. A lot of people in your life will tell you to quit, give up, your idea is stupid, or take the easy way out and get a job any job.

My thing is what if this was a reflection of their own inability to do something big. In ability to dream big and go after it. Just because everyone around you is content with what they have does not mean that you have to.

What if you actually do have a good idea or a thought or something that would make it better for you and your family. How far would you go to make it happen. As they say if it was easy everyone would be doing it. Success is very hard and comes at a price. What are you willing to do to succeed how far are you willing to go to make your dreams come true. You see everyone has the notion that people like me go into business to make Lots and Lots of money. and that the only thing that drives us is money. While money is a big motivator you will find that most people who go into business is ultimately to pursue happiness. Not just money.

The way I see it is lots of people 1- hate their jobs 2- hate the life they lead because of what they do 3- are too scared to do something about it. Well what a life to live. We actually work an average of 10 hours per day yes thats the employed person. so you are miserable about 40% of your day and lets say you sleep an average of 7 hours or 33% of your day so doing the math you have 27% of your day to rush home, eat , and if you have kids fight with them etc. What time is left to be happy.

I still vote for me to be happy most of the time. But its up to you. you can join the flock and exist , or you can make a difference in your life and life of others. its all up to you. It is a very hard road filled with endless hours of work, but the satisfaction out of doing something you love is not measurable by any metrics out there.

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