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23 Jul


So I love the internet. Where would you have gotten so many experts about everything 10 years ago. I mean i can find an expert on astrophysics for $5.00, or an expert in editing English websites for 1.5 an hour.

You see here is the problem. Ever since the explosion of the outsourcing field everyone is called an expert. No matter what they did in the past they are still an expert in the field. an engineer who graduated from engineering school but has not done engineering in the past 20 years calls him/her self an expert. or someone who can barely read English calls themselves experts in editing English websites.

The problem is how do you filter through all these so called self proclaimed experts. Yes i know common sense prevails but not always. When you try to balance economics and work and all the other factors. Usually when you are hiring an expert its because they would know more than you do about the subject. or example, I wanted to hire someone to map out the software that I wanted to design and launch. I received so many offers it made my head spin. Anything from $8.00 per hour to $60.00 + per hour. so I decided to not go cheap and not go expensive middle sounded good. and beside the person was in north america so hey a bonus that I can actually communicate with them. It turns out they knew very few key words to convince me that they knew what they were talking about. And yes they got fired a short time after they were hired. The upsetting point is that I had to pay them the 6 hours they spent on the project AND i had to start over.

Its easy for people to say Jay you hire them then if they don’t work out you fire them. BUT who is going to pay me for the time wasted on them, who is going to get my money back for the money paid, above all who is going to give me back the frustration spent on this project so far. Its like when you go see a lawyer or accountant. They talk and talk. you give them a retainer to work on your file and if they screw it up or not does not matter at then end they are not responsible. Have you tried taking a stupid lawyer to court. heck they have a whole organization with so much money to defend them you will have your head spinning before you get anywhere. An accountant gives you the statement and tax return you sign them but if they mess it up its your fault. The classic is when they say “oh I am sorry”. Yeah I am sorry but you still have to pay my bill, talk to the government about your screwed up filing etc etc.

References ? yeah right when was the last time you got references from some one on a client they messed up. Heck there are books and videos on how to promote yourself as an expert on anything. I can make a bet that in 30 days I can be an expert on ANYTHING. I would have eBooks, articles, website etc. to make me sound like I was an expert in any field. so who needs school !

I so far have no way of filtering through the “experts” that come my way so if anyone knows of and expert to tell me how to filter through the experts ( OK I’m lost now ) let me know.

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Remember I am an expert at this