21 May


The greatest irony is that the concept of Financial Freedom is always predicated on having more money than you need. I, like many other successful people have found that more does not in any way directly correlate with more freedom. Financial Freedom can be achieved as low as around 50k per year in income – as long as you live within your means and have a good belief in your ability to continue ‘covering your nut’. Anything more is Ego, and much more scary is how more can move you further from what you truly need in life – more and deeper love.

$$$ Fundamentals:


Lending only makes sense when it is used to finance growth.

Anyone who does not have 100% grasps on ALL OF THEIR NUMBERS should never be even considered for a loan.

Projected growth should never exceed 20-40% annually; everything larger is fantasy and should be viewed with the greatest skepticism.

Sales focus is always significantly more important than back office focus.

The back office does have to be ruthlessly cheap though, with nothing gone to waste.

All personal spending has to come from FREE CASH FLOW that comes from ASSETS.
CREDIT CARDS and other CONSUMPTION LOANS are the crack cocaine of the financial world.

MONEY is almost always used to fix LOVE problems. This is what we mean when we say ‘Anything more is Ego’.

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