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15 Apr


I was reading an article in the Toronto Star about the number of complaints the transit system has received last year in comparison the year before. The article stated that there were 45,408 Raider complaints up from 38,811 in 2011 and 34,107 in 2010. The article goes on to say that the TTC’s chief customer service officer indicated that they are tracking the complaints better and are making it easier for people to reach them. Basically they are LISTENING. Which is really weird and different.

You see in light of my recent run-in with the Home Depot, I went to the company website. I did not find a place to file a complaint. There was a contact us page with a form to fill out and someone will get back to me. No one did. Yet.

I went on and went on the websites of Best Buy, Future shop, McDonalds, Burger king, Lowes etc. There is no clear way to file a complaint. I went a step further. I went to the Facebook pages. I filled out a request for a process to file a complaint in the Home depot Facebook page, as well as Lowes and McDonalds Facebook page, And as of the publishing of this posting Only Lowes got back to me.

You see its not the fact that no one complaints, It’s the fact that I think big companies have a small army of soldiers who mask, cover and paint a great picture for you. how are they supposed to know if people are happy or not. They basically don’t , and don’t care. You see it’s a volume based. Where are you going to go from the big companies. For example if you hate one cell company and got to another the same amount of people left the other company to come to the company that you left.

I was talking to marketing Guru from TELUS. Its one of the large cell companies in Canada. He said yeah we decided to split the carries and introduce a low fare based carries called Koodo. Rogers owns Fido and Chatr, Bell Ownes solo mobile and Virgin mobile. And between these Ginormous companies they own 94% of the market. So go ahead switch carries. THEY ARE ALL THE SAME. Go ahead and complain, NO ONE CARES.

People can’t reach them. They have no easy way to complaint. And if by any miracle someone actually spends the time to look it up and pursues it then they just issue a gif card and say here shut the hell up and go away.

Big companies have the ability to cover just about anything. They drown people with advertising and Facebook and twitter crap that no one can see through the cloud of garbage and all that is called advertising.

Why don’t you try to figure out how to complaint to a big company? Choose any big company, find out if there is a complaint section, and see how long it takes to get back to you IF they do. I would love to be proven wring but I am just talking from experience and the fact that it is so hard to get your justice across especially if you are a little guy.

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