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18 Apr

Robots. Not the machines (although they’re kinda cool) I mean the 2005 movie Robots.

I love this movie. It’s one of my favorites.

Kids movies usually get left behind when we grow up and that makes sense. Life is short and we all grow up. Besides if you’re a grown up who is obsessed with childrens movies then you might just end up like this guy.


Robots is one of my faves though because it’s just a great fun movie. You can watch it with the kids and just kick back.


If you haven’t seen it, here’s the good news. I’m posting it for you to watch….for free.

Here’s the bad news though. If you like to dress up as an adult like Peter Pan, I can’t help you

~ Jihad Georgi

Star Wars

7 Apr

Star Wars.

Maybe you’ve heard of it.

It’s one of my favorite movies.

It was released in 1977 and can probably be best described as an American epic. There’s a lot more to this movie than just action figures and Mark Hamill.

That reminds me. Have you seen that guy lately? He looks like a trail of cat sick.


That guy looks like something Chewbacca coughed up.

Anyways, before George Lucas became a slightly bizarre reclusive toy peddler, he made Star Wars. A truly brilliant masterpiece that we all know and love.

Here it is, in all of it’s glory

~Jihad Georgi


6 Apr

Netflix. Awesome.

Who doesn’t love it?

You can watch a movie while you’re at work when the boss is busy picking his nose and working on his putting in his office.

It does have one catch though, you gotta pay.

So with that in mind let’s pretend it’s 1995 again and get ourselves a big box of VHS tapes and watch some good old fashioned free movies.

I say 1995 because this is Heat. One of my all time favorites and it was made in 1995. You can tell because of the fact that the cell phones in the movie are the size of Soviet era concrete bricks and Tom Sizemore still had a career.

So, dim the lights and sit back and enjoy a great movie on me. Just use this link.

Sometime technology is excellent

~Jihad Georgi


6 Apr

Ifyou ever find yourself in a car, then chances are you will be bored. I say that because generally there aren’t many things to look at.

There are miles and miles of malls after malls. Sometimes you’re find a mini mall alongside a mega mall that is always crammed between lube shops, rub and tugs and donut stores. Probably on purpose.

Since your in a car and bored you generally have two choices. Run somebody over and start a high speed chase, or turn on the radio. I usually turn on the radio.

Today whist driving I flicked the car radio on and head something that both made me laugh and cry at the same time, an emotion usually reserved for looking at pictures of overweight golfers.

There was a radio discussion about the amount of men who are currently seeking Botox treatment as well as having fat sucked out of the.

Dudes getting Botox.

Fat out of their asses and chemically altered so it can be re injected into their heads so they can look younger.

Male bravado and peacocking is nothing new because that’s nature. Lions have manes for a reason, and let’s face it, who would wear a tie unless they thought it made us look better? It’s an uncomfortable and expensive noose. Us men do these things so we can look a little bit better and show some sort of individuality in a world that discourages it.

If you doubt me, note the fact that there are no ‘business fanny packs’.

While I listened to this radio show, I thought about the movie Robots (yeah, I know) but was reminded of the moment when it was said “why be you when you can be new”. I refuse to believe that being someone else is better than being me.

I work hard and achieve my goals. Partially because I have to, but also because that is just how I am hard wired. I don’t think it makes me special, I just think it makes me human.

I’m all for a night on a couch somewhere with my family watching Robots with my PDA happily tucked away somewhere I can escape the dull roar of it’s constant buzzing.

Also, like most guys I’d like to look like the Mens Health magazine cover which is always displayed alongside womens Vogue at my local drug store periodical rack.

Here’s the thing though, and where the penny drops: There is no Botox for life.

Acres of men sitting around in the gigantic SUV’s that are so vast that every time they fill them with petrol that Saudi Arabia sinks three feet into the ocean at a drive thru while gobbling down buckets of deep fried butter batter dipped bacon wrapped sauteed cheeseburger pancakes on a stick and then driving to a strip mall to see a person who flunked out of veterinary school to inject them isn’t going to make them better people.

Sure being thin and looking like what the social media wants you to think a man should look like would be great. It’ll get you laid a hell of a lot but it isn’t going to make you a better person. We’d all look like Gerrard Butler if we could and had the time, but then again why should we? It’s not like Angelina Jolies are flying off of the rack and that’s a good thing.

If however looking like you can bend it like Beckham is your vice du jour then bravo. Plenty of people do it every day through hard work at a gym, a good diet and plenty of exercise. Like anything that has any value it comes with hard work and dedication.

Spit and sawdust.

Going to a drive thru on your way to get the fat sucked out of your jowls just so you can appear to look better is cheating. Not just on the world, but yourself. It will also attract the kind of people who cheat on themselves and on your. After a period of time elapses, sooner or later you’ll wonder who is the biggest fake, them or you?

Chances are you are, because you’ll never talk anyone else out of it, but you can always do it for yourself every day and choose not to.

As for me, I’m going to work hard and look as good as I can. If people like it, great. If not. Eff ’em.

~ Jihad Georgi

Uncivil Rights

6 Apr

I read something recently in The National Post newspaper that set me off like Charlie Sheen at a crack house.

In the article it said that British Columbia Police are keeping tabs on 85% or all residents in their database.

This database is cheerfully called called PRIME-BC and it was designed o help police target repeat offenders, but is also used for criminal record and background checks for work with children, seniors and other vulnerable people.

Okay so that would a great idea if protecting children, old folks and those who might be at risk is something the Police have finally decided to get proactive about their jobs, but it’s not and and they haven’t.

The database’s “master name records” list includes names collected by police but not implicated in any crime. In some cases, the list includes people who simply reported a crime.

The RCMP say the information is valuable and necessary, and help police track repeat offenders. But the B.C. Civil Liberties Association said this week it has seen an increase in complaints from people who have had fleeting encounters with police years ago everything from disturbance calls to traffic violations that are now being held against them.

Simply put, this is the Police force abusing their power with a little bit of not-so-clever marketing (probably dreamed up by the same geniuses that thinks dressing up as a bear and handing out pamphlets telling kids not to take drugs actually works and is a great way to spend tax payers money) so they can keep the population in check.

This is not police work. This is strait up affecting peoples lives and their livelihood.

The B.C. police have even gone so far to justify their actions by saying that if a future employer finds that a person has had ‘negative contact’ (as if there is an alternative) with the police force then that employer can simply ask them about it.

How often is that going to happen?

We’ve become so used to the media behaving irresponsibly and adversely affecting peoples lives that now when it happens with our civil rights, we just let it slide right by.

It would be one thing if all we had to do is hit back, but that’s like trying to get your wallet back from a mugger. Sure you can chase him and you might even catch the guy. Then your going to have to fight him for it and who asked to be mugged anyways?

The B.C. police would have you believe that it was your fault forgetting mugged by walking down a certain street at night.

Maybe in a few years it will all work out when they need to hire some new cops and 85% of those candidates can’t get the job because they are on the police watch list.

~ Jihad Georgi

Me, and some of my stuff

6 Apr

I never thought I would find myself writing my biography. I suppose most people think the same thing. In fact most people probably never wake up one day and say to themselves “today I’m going to share my story with my fellow earthlings.” My parents never told me I’d have to write one, they never mentioned it or held any classes about it while I attended York and Ryerson Universities and I’ve never asked any of my friends if they have one. I’m a business executive, not a social media expert but now I’m going to do what I’ve done my entire career. I’m going to learn everything there is to know through my old school hard work ethic and become one.

As I mentioned I was educated at at both York and Ryerson Universities. I studied Global Entrepreneurship, International Marketing, Financial and Managerial Accounting and Acquisitions and Divestitures. I’ve always had a strong work and family ethic was instilled to me by my father. Between that parental guidance and my time at school baking me to brick rather than crumbling me to mediocrity I’ve come to enjoy the challenges thrown at me both at work and in life.

People who are driven never leave their ethics at a door. It follows them everywhere.

Balance between work is incredibly important to me and even though I will frequently work twenty hour days nothing will keep me from from attending a school event or being there for my family. In both work and family life, no detail is ever too small and I give them both my very best. Without dedication to either both would falter.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have tied together a rewarding career beginning in 1990 as an international sales manager for Ontario Security Contractors in Toronto Canada. During my very first year I capitulated over $2 million is sales while developing domestic and international market exposure.

In 1997 I accepted a contract with Tradeshow Multimedia where I then strategically built and executed international expansion plans which greatly expanded their client base.

As my skill grew so did my appetite for new challenges so in 1998 I began the first of 10 great years as President of Armet Metalworks.

I assembled a team of high calibre dedicated professionals and together with and with myself wearing the large hat of responsibility for the overall profitability, sales and service. Armet began from the ground up and with myself as President along with a great team became a large volume organisation.

Today I am a consultant for Arotalia Back Office Solutions. We began working together in 2008 and I have defined the strategic goals and sales strategies associated with a new company and have brought it into a forceful breathing and profitable life ahead of schedule.

As I revealed at the beginning, I have had a very rewarding career thus far. It has allowed me to raise my family and keep them safe as well as satisfy my hunger for ever greater challenges.

Even if you look up the word challenge in the dictionary you find it as a noun meaning dispute and question. As a verb in the thesaurus it is similar to words such as accost, arouse, ask for, assert, claim and confront.

I may be new to writing, but I’d prefer the word challenge to be associated with the verb greatness who’s synonyms include chivalry, dignity, distinction, generosity, idealism, illustriousness, merit, morality, nobility, sublimity and worthiness.

Speaking meeting challenges and this is the first time I’ve ever written my own biography, maybe I’m not too bad at it after all. Perhaps there is a new career out there for me as a writer or at the very least, another challenge met and achieved.

~ Jihad Georgi