Uncivil Rights

6 Apr

I read something recently in The National Post newspaper that set me off like Charlie Sheen at a crack house.

In the article it said that British Columbia Police are keeping tabs on 85% or all residents in their database.

This database is cheerfully called called PRIME-BC and it was designed o help police target repeat offenders, but is also used for criminal record and background checks for work with children, seniors and other vulnerable people.

Okay so that would a great idea if protecting children, old folks and those who might be at risk is something the Police have finally decided to get proactive about their jobs, but it’s not and and they haven’t.

The database’s “master name records” list includes names collected by police but not implicated in any crime. In some cases, the list includes people who simply reported a crime.

The RCMP say the information is valuable and necessary, and help police track repeat offenders. But the B.C. Civil Liberties Association said this week it has seen an increase in complaints from people who have had fleeting encounters with police years ago everything from disturbance calls to traffic violations that are now being held against them.

Simply put, this is the Police force abusing their power with a little bit of not-so-clever marketing (probably dreamed up by the same geniuses that thinks dressing up as a bear and handing out pamphlets telling kids not to take drugs actually works and is a great way to spend tax payers money) so they can keep the population in check.

This is not police work. This is strait up affecting peoples lives and their livelihood.

The B.C. police have even gone so far to justify their actions by saying that if a future employer finds that a person has had ‘negative contact’ (as if there is an alternative) with the police force then that employer can simply ask them about it.

How often is that going to happen?

We’ve become so used to the media behaving irresponsibly and adversely affecting peoples lives that now when it happens with our civil rights, we just let it slide right by.

It would be one thing if all we had to do is hit back, but that’s like trying to get your wallet back from a mugger. Sure you can chase him and you might even catch the guy. Then your going to have to fight him for it and who asked to be mugged anyways?

The B.C. police would have you believe that it was your fault forgetting mugged by walking down a certain street at night.

Maybe in a few years it will all work out when they need to hire some new cops and 85% of those candidates can’t get the job because they are on the police watch list.

~ Jihad Georgi

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