Home Depot Experience

11 Apr


My letter to the manager at Home depot. Of course I did not get any response. NOT SURE WHY

Attn.; L***** R****

Store manager Pickering

Home Depot of Canada

Good day Lesley and hope this letter finds you well. I am writing to
let you know about my experience with your wonderful staff on Sat
April 6th around 4 pm. I also am writing to apologize for my actions.

I came in with my family at about 4 pm to the Pickering home depot
looking for someone to help us with our project. We are planning to
build a canopy. So I walked in and asked who can help me. The customer
service pointed to a lady that was standing by the hardware section. I
walked up to her and no one was standing with her. I asked if she
could help me. She said yes. I proceeded to tell her about my project
and showed her the measurements I took.

She looked at it and said Oh. I am with a customer now (which made me
wonder since I seen no one around) and proceeded to tell me that she
can make a copy and give me a call in a day or so. I said sure but I d
need my paper, so she offered to copy it. We walked over the
commercial counter or whatever it’s called where she tried to copy it.
She was frustrated and I had made the comment that nothing is working
today she said yes especially when she is in a rush.

She also mentioned she was in a rush because her shift ends in about
30 min. I understand why would she help me if she can punch out in 30
min. How can I be so stupid as to ask someone to help me just before
his or her shift ended on a Saturday afternoon?

She was helpful enough though to tell me about another person who is in the
tools rental area who would be able to help me out.

We walked in to the rental area and there were 3 home depot workers
chatting and laughing and having fun (please apologize for me for
interrupting them ) the lady went and talked to one gentleman who
walked over and said can I help you. I said yes I am trying to build a
canopy and would like some help on how much wood I would need etc. He
immediately jumped, interrupted me and said I can’t help you I have 21
broken machines in the back that needs fixing and I am busy and handed
me the paper back (obviously this hard working man was going to get to
them as soon as he finished chatting with his co-workers.)

I walked out with my family and was thinking how rude of me to
interrupt people just before their shift ended or interrupt a worker
who was having fun and had so many broken machines to fix. So would
you please pass my apology through to these hard working Home Depot

If there is a suggestion I can make, ( I really did not find a suggestion box in
your store) is please post the hours we are supposed to approach
people and each worker should have a sign that says ”I am available
you and are allowed to talk to me” Yet again you are the store manager
you would know best.

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