13 Feb

A sense of entitlement is a cancerous thought process that is void of gratitude and can be deadly to relationships, businesses and even nations”. Steve Maraboli

It’s being a surprising situation that people know the power of gratitude but still fall for the trap of self-entitlement. I have observed many people from different countries and I feel like self-entitlement is becoming a new trend in human psychology. Today’s social media is so advanced that anyone can fantasize about a successful and luxurious life. People expect that they should get every success, everything, or luxury they wish for. Oh come on, it’s not a fairytale where you will ask tinker-bell and your every wish will become true. To be thankful for what you have will not charge you.

As the human population is growing, the competition among them is increasing exponentially. It’s impossible that a person doing hard work and fighting with tough situations get nothing in the end. Similarly, it’s also impossible that a person without using his mind and limbs get everything he wished for.

I have met those people who were passionate about and consistent in their work, as a result, they got what they deserved. They succeeded sooner or later. But I have also seen such unfortunate people who think they are superior to others and everything is meant for them. These kinds of people don’t get the permanent joy of life. They remain in a permanent condition of self –entitlement, self-created competition. They don’t work but hold grudges. They blame others for their failures (whether in relationships or businesses). I have seen how their self-centered approach makes them more miserable.

This trend is being seen in people’s as well as nations’ psychology. People want good jobs and a luxurious lifestyle but don’t want to work for it. To fulfill your dreams, you have to believe in hard work and gratitude. Every country can’t support its citizens’ luxurious lifestyle so people have to work actively. They should use their local resources to change the game.

I think every person has his/her own circle of struggle. If he/she works positively for his/her goals, the reward will be the best of all. But in the case of self-entitled people, they may wish or crave success through negative means. I mean if you feel so superior to others then prove it in a healthy way by working hard. Don’t get involved in a negative situation. The world needs people with leadership but it does not mean that everyone can be a leader. To become a leader in your field of work you will have to work smartly and hardly.

There is a saying by Steven Aitchison, “Successful people have a sense of gratitude. Unsuccessful people have a sense of entitlement”. This is a perfect saying for those people who want to see them successful in real life (without letting anyone down).

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