The Greatest Investments I made

13 Feb

I voraciously read, watch biographies, and study disruptive business models. I spent enormous amounts of time away from my wife and kids working on bettering myself, going to work early, coming home late, and then grabbing a book. I’ve learned there’s no such thing as a work-life balance: it’s what you make of it. If I stop learning, I become irrelevant and can no longer contribute. To succeed, be radically different from the masses; otherwise, you’re copycatting someone’s business model, hoping for their success to become yours. Success can only be defined by you: If you want to be in the top one percent, are you willing to pay the price? Are you willing to sacrifice and push through the discouragements?


13 Feb

A sense of entitlement is a cancerous thought process that is void of gratitude and can be deadly to relationships, businesses and even nations”. Steve Maraboli

It’s being a surprising situation that people know the power of gratitude but still fall for the trap of self-entitlement. I have observed many people from different countries and I feel like self-entitlement is becoming a new trend in human psychology. Today’s social media is so advanced that anyone can fantasize about a successful and luxurious life. People expect that they should get every success, everything, or luxury they wish for. Oh come on, it’s not a fairytale where you will ask tinker-bell and your every wish will become true. To be thankful for what you have will not charge you.

As the human population is growing, the competition among them is increasing exponentially. It’s impossible that a person doing hard work and fighting with tough situations get nothing in the end. Similarly, it’s also impossible that a person without using his mind and limbs get everything he wished for.

I have met those people who were passionate about and consistent in their work, as a result, they got what they deserved. They succeeded sooner or later. But I have also seen such unfortunate people who think they are superior to others and everything is meant for them. These kinds of people don’t get the permanent joy of life. They remain in a permanent condition of self –entitlement, self-created competition. They don’t work but hold grudges. They blame others for their failures (whether in relationships or businesses). I have seen how their self-centered approach makes them more miserable.

This trend is being seen in people’s as well as nations’ psychology. People want good jobs and a luxurious lifestyle but don’t want to work for it. To fulfill your dreams, you have to believe in hard work and gratitude. Every country can’t support its citizens’ luxurious lifestyle so people have to work actively. They should use their local resources to change the game.

I think every person has his/her own circle of struggle. If he/she works positively for his/her goals, the reward will be the best of all. But in the case of self-entitled people, they may wish or crave success through negative means. I mean if you feel so superior to others then prove it in a healthy way by working hard. Don’t get involved in a negative situation. The world needs people with leadership but it does not mean that everyone can be a leader. To become a leader in your field of work you will have to work smartly and hardly.

There is a saying by Steven Aitchison, “Successful people have a sense of gratitude. Unsuccessful people have a sense of entitlement”. This is a perfect saying for those people who want to see them successful in real life (without letting anyone down).


My new years reseloution

31 Dec



Christmas thought

24 Dec


Thought for the day

23 Dec


As You Slide Down that Banister of Life You Should Pray That All The Splinters Are Pointed The Other Way.


4 Oct


More people would learn from their mistakes if they weren’t so busy denying that they made them.

Drive through

25 Sep


This was yesterday as I was going through the Drive through at the bank. Not sure this was the intended purpose of the drive through but whatever works I guess.

Anonymous Complainer

18 Sep


So I was researching a company that was offering to sell me certain products. I went to the all-mighty Google and typed the names.. And you know the rest.

So what was funny is they have the anonymous websites that you can post your comments without being identified. How funny is that. Hey I don’t like a company so let me post it under a name or anonymous so no one will know me. HOW FULL OF CRAP ARE YOU. Lets think about his for a min shall we.

Why would you hide your name? Is it that you actually screwed up and you are trying to blame the company for your screw up. Did you forget to read the bill and noticed that your company overcharged you for something and you now what to bitch and complain. Or let me give you another one. You are a moron who did not pay your bill and when they canceled your service you called and bitch to complain and when they asked you to pay for what you owe you threw a fit.

How ironic and self-entitled are you. I never stop bitching about companies who do not do what they are suppose to do. BUT people wake up you gutless individuals. Hiding behind the vale of anonymity. WHY its because you have something to hide and you are too afraid for the company to monitor these sites and post that in fact you are the idiotic that did not pay your bill or did not check your bill etc etc.

Have the guts to tell the company I will be posting here and you are free to tell your side of the story on line as well. How many of you would actually do that. NOOOOO we have to hide because we have something to hide.

Companies give way too much credit for undeserving people. Like I said I will defend the consumer all day long but websites and associations that follow the consumer blindly with out verifying are stupid and should be banned.

Get the guts to stand up for what is right. And if you are right then you are right.


23 Jul


So I love the internet. Where would you have gotten so many experts about everything 10 years ago. I mean i can find an expert on astrophysics for $5.00, or an expert in editing English websites for 1.5 an hour.

You see here is the problem. Ever since the explosion of the outsourcing field everyone is called an expert. No matter what they did in the past they are still an expert in the field. an engineer who graduated from engineering school but has not done engineering in the past 20 years calls him/her self an expert. or someone who can barely read English calls themselves experts in editing English websites.

The problem is how do you filter through all these so called self proclaimed experts. Yes i know common sense prevails but not always. When you try to balance economics and work and all the other factors. Usually when you are hiring an expert its because they would know more than you do about the subject. or example, I wanted to hire someone to map out the software that I wanted to design and launch. I received so many offers it made my head spin. Anything from $8.00 per hour to $60.00 + per hour. so I decided to not go cheap and not go expensive middle sounded good. and beside the person was in north america so hey a bonus that I can actually communicate with them. It turns out they knew very few key words to convince me that they knew what they were talking about. And yes they got fired a short time after they were hired. The upsetting point is that I had to pay them the 6 hours they spent on the project AND i had to start over.

Its easy for people to say Jay you hire them then if they don’t work out you fire them. BUT who is going to pay me for the time wasted on them, who is going to get my money back for the money paid, above all who is going to give me back the frustration spent on this project so far. Its like when you go see a lawyer or accountant. They talk and talk. you give them a retainer to work on your file and if they screw it up or not does not matter at then end they are not responsible. Have you tried taking a stupid lawyer to court. heck they have a whole organization with so much money to defend them you will have your head spinning before you get anywhere. An accountant gives you the statement and tax return you sign them but if they mess it up its your fault. The classic is when they say “oh I am sorry”. Yeah I am sorry but you still have to pay my bill, talk to the government about your screwed up filing etc etc.

References ? yeah right when was the last time you got references from some one on a client they messed up. Heck there are books and videos on how to promote yourself as an expert on anything. I can make a bet that in 30 days I can be an expert on ANYTHING. I would have eBooks, articles, website etc. to make me sound like I was an expert in any field. so who needs school !

I so far have no way of filtering through the “experts” that come my way so if anyone knows of and expert to tell me how to filter through the experts ( OK I’m lost now ) let me know.

As always I welcome your feedback and you can always subscribe to my blog for informative and not so informative articles.

Remember I am an expert at this


22 Jul


The person who minds nobody’s business but his own is probably a millionaire