What is the real cost of working

13 Oct

So unless you’re a farmer then chances are you have to at least in
some way, commute to work. Unless of course you are a hobo and
then….well…..you get the point.

I know lots of people drive or take the public transit to work so
let’s assume a person is paid roughly $40 000 per year or divide by 2080 working hours per year = $19.25 not bad you think
By the time you chisel down the net taxes ($6071.00) in ontario , you are at about $34,000 the fluctuating cost of fuel lets say at best $100 per week or $5,200 per year, you are down to about $29,000. insurance, maintenance on a vehicle and parking,about $200 at best per month if you can find it cheap enough then you are down to about $26,000 then take into account the intangible aspect of traveling to work. you know the time you spend it head bopping on the train or in the car trying to stay awake. lets say 1 hour each way AT BEST. SO that is 2 hours a day and at 260 working days a year = 520 hours traveling.

SO $26,000 which is what is left after you do all the stuff divide by the working hours 2,080 hours per year = $12.5 per hour.
Now take the 2080 working hours that you theoretically get paid for and add the 520 hours that you don’t get paid for and you are down to about $10.00 per Hour WOW.
Even if you work with the same salary and use public transit, a TTC Metro Pass for example will still cost you over a hundred bucks per month.

Having said all the above its not really my main point about the cost of working You Should also take into account that the time you spend commuting to a job is also time spent away from your family How much is that worth to you how much is At least one hour of travel each way costing you. What is the real Toll on your health and on your life and on your family. Think about it.

work the numbers you may find that working closer to home with less money may actually net you more at the end and give you more quality time. but then again it all depends on your priorities. It might be that you use the phrase that I always use the road to a successful marriage is to travel a lot. Think about it.

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