Lets Try to Remember

13 Dec

So yes Christmas is here. It is a happy happy celebration of faith for all christians. Or is it. I am not sure when was the last time that i walked around and people said Marry christmas. or that most children know what its about. I tell you what they think its about. Toys-R-us or santa, or time off work or school and how many toys and gifts i can get. VERY NICE. people, sit down with your kids and explain to them what christmas is all about. try to tell them the value of this time of year. what its all about. I still remember sitting around with my sisters and colouring those ceramic figurines, Well they did most of it but still. it was fun and happy times.Has anyone ever thought about reducing the amount of “toys” to the kids and taking the difference if you must spend it and donating it to kids who don’t have the ability to buy gifts. no not many have.

My kids see the commercials on the television and of course they want everything that is advertised. My daughter want some sort of a toy that the dress cost $40.00 I DONT THINK SO. unless her aunt buys it for her. businesses have turned this time of year into nothing but a shopping time. lets go shopping and lets spend money, oh yeah here is a tree and we will be a bunch of Hippocrates and call it happy holiday. It is not a happy holiday. it is not even a holiday. its a Christian celebration. does anyone still remember that. why did we cave to the pressure of saying happy holiday. oh yeah i know why. Here is my opinion, I know I should vent but if you want to celebrate your faith don’t try to force it down my throat. This is a Christian Country. We spend more time trying to please everyone that we forget about us. or actually please a select few who have the power to influence.

I think the big game plan of making sure that no one remembers what Christmas is all about is working. Slowly people are forgetting and the new generation have almost no clue what its about. My wife and I take the kids to church so they try and remember for the future what christmas is all about. would it not be much better if we actually try to remember what christmas is all about and make a big deal of that. would we not be more at peace if we just sit down and make it a family thing and time to remember. I mean yes i know my family is big and the word “relaxing” is not in the dictionary. but I still want to always try and make this time a happy religious , and family time to remember. try it, it might actually be good for your health.

Yet again what do I know, its just my opinion

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