“How was copper wire invented? Two Scottish guys were fighting over a penny.”

4 Oct

So I probably learned handy little nugget from my brother in-laws. We
all know that everyone is being penny pinched, or at least 80% of us
over the things that matter. I’m sure somewhere right now there is
some rich person complaining that they don’t have enough money on hand
to have their pet bald endangered eagle dipped into liquefied
diamonds, but you get the point and those people are for another blog
(yes its coming) The 80% of us that work for our money are having to
keep it real with our savings and watch every dime we spend.

You see people always blame somebody else for not having enough money
on things like vacations or similar things. When we go on our
vacations we are accustomed to spending money that these days we
should probably be a little more careful about. Here is what I did
with my family:

One day we packed up the car with our clothes and went to Northern
Ontario. We stayed in this relatively less expensive hotel because it
was not in the center of lets say Blue Mountain. Then we went and
bought food from Loblaws after discovering they have those and Wal
Mart up there. Over the following two days we traveled to visit and
enjoy various spots around the area. Following that we checked
ourselves out, hit the road again and drove around checking out the
various water falls in Ontario, before we finally went back home.

On a scale of fun it was a 10 the kids had a blast we had lots of
quality time together being together as a family. It probably was the
least expensive and most enjoyable trip we took in a long time. The
trick is to look around be imaginative. You don’t have to spend lots
of money to have a great time. Look around you. There is so much you
can do with what you have if you just use a little creativity, a little
open-mindedness and have a sense of new adventure.

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