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Home Depot Conclusion

12 Apr




So They actually did respond to me Here is the response and the counter response. I must admit I was very surprised to get this response from a chain store. Usually these managers run and hide . But she actually stood in front of the cannon. Hats off lets hope this does not happen again. 


Dear Mr. Jihad Georgi,

Thank you very much for taking the time out to write this letter. I hear your frustration and I am very disappointed in my staff. I sincerely apologize for not meeting your customer service requirements. I have spoken to the associates involved as well as my leadership team.
I would really like to regain you as a customer. If there is anything I can do to help you please let me know.
I would like to offer you 100 dollars off your next order as compensation for our lack of customer service and your families waste of time.

I sincerely apologize to you and your family for the poor service we provided you at the Pickering Home Depot.

L**** R***



Dear L**** 

I thank you for taking the Time to respond to me. I am surprised. But i think the you should know that the main reason i filed a complaint was not for me to get a discount on purchases. But rather to put forth the fact that its already hard enough to find someone to help you out in the store, and to get TWO not one employees to shut you out in the same time is Not something I was looking forward to. 

So having said that thank you for the acknowledgement.


I think It was fair to say good ending to this story. People screwed up and managers took ownership for a change. 

Home Depot Experience

11 Apr


My letter to the manager at Home depot. Of course I did not get any response. NOT SURE WHY

Attn.; L***** R****

Store manager Pickering

Home Depot of Canada

Good day Lesley and hope this letter finds you well. I am writing to
let you know about my experience with your wonderful staff on Sat
April 6th around 4 pm. I also am writing to apologize for my actions.

I came in with my family at about 4 pm to the Pickering home depot
looking for someone to help us with our project. We are planning to
build a canopy. So I walked in and asked who can help me. The customer
service pointed to a lady that was standing by the hardware section. I
walked up to her and no one was standing with her. I asked if she
could help me. She said yes. I proceeded to tell her about my project
and showed her the measurements I took.

She looked at it and said Oh. I am with a customer now (which made me
wonder since I seen no one around) and proceeded to tell me that she
can make a copy and give me a call in a day or so. I said sure but I d
need my paper, so she offered to copy it. We walked over the
commercial counter or whatever it’s called where she tried to copy it.
She was frustrated and I had made the comment that nothing is working
today she said yes especially when she is in a rush.

She also mentioned she was in a rush because her shift ends in about
30 min. I understand why would she help me if she can punch out in 30
min. How can I be so stupid as to ask someone to help me just before
his or her shift ended on a Saturday afternoon?

She was helpful enough though to tell me about another person who is in the
tools rental area who would be able to help me out.

We walked in to the rental area and there were 3 home depot workers
chatting and laughing and having fun (please apologize for me for
interrupting them ) the lady went and talked to one gentleman who
walked over and said can I help you. I said yes I am trying to build a
canopy and would like some help on how much wood I would need etc. He
immediately jumped, interrupted me and said I can’t help you I have 21
broken machines in the back that needs fixing and I am busy and handed
me the paper back (obviously this hard working man was going to get to
them as soon as he finished chatting with his co-workers.)

I walked out with my family and was thinking how rude of me to
interrupt people just before their shift ended or interrupt a worker
who was having fun and had so many broken machines to fix. So would
you please pass my apology through to these hard working Home Depot

If there is a suggestion I can make, ( I really did not find a suggestion box in
your store) is please post the hours we are supposed to approach
people and each worker should have a sign that says ”I am available
you and are allowed to talk to me” Yet again you are the store manager
you would know best.


10 Apr


So I was talking to a friend of mine this morning who lives in the US and she told me that the car dealers are advertising a 97 months financing. 97 months , I mean can you imagine paying for the car for 8 years. So basically by the time you finish paying for the car its time to get another one and the cycle goes around again.

In my view here is what is going on. The financial companies are getting short on innovative ways to screw people over and the car dealers need to keep pushing plastic cars out the doors. SO hey why not finance someone for the next 8 years. We just say that its 97 months, and show them that on a 30,000 car the monthly payments is ONLY 309.00 not including taxes and interest (which they put n small print). Or I like the innovative way of saying “BI WEEKLY”. You get your pay cheque every two weeks and we only take a little off of it so you don’t feel it. No worries we do the work for you.

So here is the reasoning that they are giving the working people. The prices of cars have increased but the salaries have not increased. In 1990 the average price of a car was $16,950 in 2008 the average price of the car was $27,958.00 That’s an increase of $11,008 Over 18 years or $611 per year.

The best line I heard is ZERO PERCENT FINANCING. what a load of crap. Ill show you how they calculate that part at a later date.

We (the financial companies) raised the prices, we raised the cost of borrowing, we kept your wages the same, AND we are doing you a favor by financing a car you shouldn’t buy over 97 months. Is everyone NUTS? I must be the nuts person for adding it up and calculating it.

As well has anyone thought about the maintenance cost of the car after the “warranty” expires? It’s a CAR that after 5 years will start falling apart so what value will it be over the 8 years period.

You know as soon as you walk in that they start with $300 per month but by the time you are done its $400 per month and the sales person say “its only $100 per month”. When someone tells me that I say good why don’t you pay for the extra 100.

If you can pay 400 per month pay only 300 and put the 100 towards bad time funds.
When you get a flat tire. Better yet take your kids or your spouse out to movies and spend the 100 on your enjoyment with your family. You know the excitement of the new car will disappear in a few months or until the new model comes out. The only thing that will not go away is the debt you just signed on for that car.

If you can’t afford it don’t buy it. Sit down and do the math buy a cheaper used car so you can actually pay for it. It will make you feel better about buying something less than the advertised “affordability” price. The car will only make you happy for a short time. It’s Just a car.

Lets Try to Remember

13 Dec

So yes Christmas is here. It is a happy happy celebration of faith for all christians. Or is it. I am not sure when was the last time that i walked around and people said Marry christmas. or that most children know what its about. I tell you what they think its about. Toys-R-us or santa, or time off work or school and how many toys and gifts i can get. VERY NICE. people, sit down with your kids and explain to them what christmas is all about. try to tell them the value of this time of year. what its all about. I still remember sitting around with my sisters and colouring those ceramic figurines, Well they did most of it but still. it was fun and happy times.Has anyone ever thought about reducing the amount of “toys” to the kids and taking the difference if you must spend it and donating it to kids who don’t have the ability to buy gifts. no not many have.

My kids see the commercials on the television and of course they want everything that is advertised. My daughter want some sort of a toy that the dress cost $40.00 I DONT THINK SO. unless her aunt buys it for her. businesses have turned this time of year into nothing but a shopping time. lets go shopping and lets spend money, oh yeah here is a tree and we will be a bunch of Hippocrates and call it happy holiday. It is not a happy holiday. it is not even a holiday. its a Christian celebration. does anyone still remember that. why did we cave to the pressure of saying happy holiday. oh yeah i know why. Here is my opinion, I know I should vent but if you want to celebrate your faith don’t try to force it down my throat. This is a Christian Country. We spend more time trying to please everyone that we forget about us. or actually please a select few who have the power to influence.

I think the big game plan of making sure that no one remembers what Christmas is all about is working. Slowly people are forgetting and the new generation have almost no clue what its about. My wife and I take the kids to church so they try and remember for the future what christmas is all about. would it not be much better if we actually try to remember what christmas is all about and make a big deal of that. would we not be more at peace if we just sit down and make it a family thing and time to remember. I mean yes i know my family is big and the word “relaxing” is not in the dictionary. but I still want to always try and make this time a happy religious , and family time to remember. try it, it might actually be good for your health.

Yet again what do I know, its just my opinion

What is the real cost of working

13 Oct

So unless you’re a farmer then chances are you have to at least in
some way, commute to work. Unless of course you are a hobo and
then….well… get the point.

I know lots of people drive or take the public transit to work so
let’s assume a person is paid roughly $40 000 per year or divide by 2080 working hours per year = $19.25 not bad you think
By the time you chisel down the net taxes ($6071.00) in ontario , you are at about $34,000 the fluctuating cost of fuel lets say at best $100 per week or $5,200 per year, you are down to about $29,000. insurance, maintenance on a vehicle and parking,about $200 at best per month if you can find it cheap enough then you are down to about $26,000 then take into account the intangible aspect of traveling to work. you know the time you spend it head bopping on the train or in the car trying to stay awake. lets say 1 hour each way AT BEST. SO that is 2 hours a day and at 260 working days a year = 520 hours traveling.

SO $26,000 which is what is left after you do all the stuff divide by the working hours 2,080 hours per year = $12.5 per hour.
Now take the 2080 working hours that you theoretically get paid for and add the 520 hours that you don’t get paid for and you are down to about $10.00 per Hour WOW.
Even if you work with the same salary and use public transit, a TTC Metro Pass for example will still cost you over a hundred bucks per month.

Having said all the above its not really my main point about the cost of working You Should also take into account that the time you spend commuting to a job is also time spent away from your family How much is that worth to you how much is At least one hour of travel each way costing you. What is the real Toll on your health and on your life and on your family. Think about it.

work the numbers you may find that working closer to home with less money may actually net you more at the end and give you more quality time. but then again it all depends on your priorities. It might be that you use the phrase that I always use the road to a successful marriage is to travel a lot. Think about it.

And as usual you can always follow my blog by filling in the follow me thing on the right hand of your screen. YES on the bottom right hand side.

“How was copper wire invented? Two Scottish guys were fighting over a penny.”

4 Oct

So I probably learned handy little nugget from my brother in-laws. We
all know that everyone is being penny pinched, or at least 80% of us
over the things that matter. I’m sure somewhere right now there is
some rich person complaining that they don’t have enough money on hand
to have their pet bald endangered eagle dipped into liquefied
diamonds, but you get the point and those people are for another blog
(yes its coming) The 80% of us that work for our money are having to
keep it real with our savings and watch every dime we spend.

You see people always blame somebody else for not having enough money
on things like vacations or similar things. When we go on our
vacations we are accustomed to spending money that these days we
should probably be a little more careful about. Here is what I did
with my family:

One day we packed up the car with our clothes and went to Northern
Ontario. We stayed in this relatively less expensive hotel because it
was not in the center of lets say Blue Mountain. Then we went and
bought food from Loblaws after discovering they have those and Wal
Mart up there. Over the following two days we traveled to visit and
enjoy various spots around the area. Following that we checked
ourselves out, hit the road again and drove around checking out the
various water falls in Ontario, before we finally went back home.

On a scale of fun it was a 10 the kids had a blast we had lots of
quality time together being together as a family. It probably was the
least expensive and most enjoyable trip we took in a long time. The
trick is to look around be imaginative. You don’t have to spend lots
of money to have a great time. Look around you. There is so much you
can do with what you have if you just use a little creativity, a little
open-mindedness and have a sense of new adventure.

I deserve this you know !!!!!

21 Sep

If you have ever worked at a job for any amount of time I will
guarantee you that you have heard somebody say, at least once “I have
worked for this company for blah blah blah la-di-freeking-da
years…that now I deserve a raise.” Or, you have heard the variations
or that sentiment that because they have worked at their job for a
period of time without yet managing to be fired they now have a right
to a promotion. A right to a better office. A right to everything
because they figure that by simply showing up relatively on time and
not screwing anything up so vastly that they have somehow become the
model for the entitled ideal employee. So what does the employee
deserve, and what are the rights of this person?

How about they have the right to do their job? How about they have the
right to travel to China see what hard work is all about? How about
the right of the company to make profit and stay in business so you
can support your over active spending habits? How about that you have
the right to be better than everyone and improve who you are?

I tell you most people who have worked in a company for a long time
have forgotten what its like to improve their skills and have gotten
into this thing called punch in, punch out and I am done. The sad
thing is they get pissed off when the company fires them and hires
someone cheaper. Yes it’s because you did not deserve the raise in the
first place and the only reason you even received your 3% or what
ever is simply because A) You live in Canada or some country that
gives you undeserved entitlement or B) They have grown accustomed to
giving it and you expecting it. The real winners are those who change
things, change their life prove that they are indispensable and can
not simply be changed or replaced. Quit your whining and mopping and
feeling sorry for your self. If this is the road you take then this is
the outcome you deserve. As the saying goes; You dug it, so jump in.

Having said that it’s not like some people have taken risks and tried
to change their life and just got hit with stupid bad luck. It
happens, and sometimes more than not but if we quit trying then we
fall into the routine and become complacent. If you truly hate your
job or simply not like it then quit. Find another job or better yet
stop whining about it. The easiest thing to do is to stop doing
something. Honestly no one cares and after a while you have become
boring news and not many people want to listen to you.

Change does not come to people, people go to change and they make
something of them selves.

What is the price of happiness?

16 Sep

So one night while I was trying to sleep I realized it just
wasn’t going to happen. I was thinking. I was thinking that I really
wanted to go to sleep, but mostly I was thinking that I am very happy
with life. I was also thinking about how much I really like stuff. You
see, I was watching Planet Luxury and CNBC Titans. If you haven’t seen
them, they are shows about successful people and their awesome toys.
It’s a bit like Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, but without that
annoying Aussie Robin Leach….and of course the equally annoying
people featured on it.

Mostly what occurred to me was how many people accomplished this with
out divorcing and how many people end up making it with out loosing
touch with their kids? How many as they say became so successful
because their wife nags the hell out of them that they need to stay in
the office to do more work? My guess: NOT MANY.

You see I like what i have. I have a beautiful supporting wife, I have
wonderful kids, lots of sisters (god yes lots of them). Even
supporting extended family some of whom I want to kill sometimes but
they come as a package. I think in Canada I can’t just shoot my
brother in law even though at times I wish I could, but that is the
same with every family. Besides, at the root of it all I love them as
a whole and take the overwhelming good with the occasional bad.

So there I am thinking that yes I like what I have. I faced the fact
that I really like the toys and screw it, I like the STUFF.

Sure there are the bills but I am happy. Nothing is perfect. I did
wanted the toys and now I like to have the toys, I wanted a big house,
now I like to have a big house. Its interesting how things change and
how people change and priorities change. I would not want to miss my
sons gigantic imagination and his talking of wanting to build a car
with fire coming out of it and floating over all obstacles. These
things are beautiful and should never be extinguished. Besides, maybe
one day he’ll actually invent a Back to the Future Marty McFly hover
board that really does all of that.

I would not want to miss my daughters soberness and wanting to play
with her kazzilon barbies, baby dolls and play house. Or even my wife telling me
that she went shopping (saved money)and supported Wal Mart and Dollarama because
their earnings are down on the TSX and they needed capital injection
to sell people STUFF they don’t really need. Miles and miles of mall
after mall.

Mostly though I thought that I don’t want to miss any of this. It
does not mean I will stop working hard or trying to improve what we
have as a family, and for sure I will always work hard to achieve and
strive to be my best.

I have wild imagination for business and turning business around to
make money but not at the cost of what i have. Yes I can do away with
fewer bills, but Yet again who can’t.


18 Apr

Robots. Not the machines (although they’re kinda cool) I mean the 2005 movie Robots.

I love this movie. It’s one of my favorites.

Kids movies usually get left behind when we grow up and that makes sense. Life is short and we all grow up. Besides if you’re a grown up who is obsessed with childrens movies then you might just end up like this guy.


Robots is one of my faves though because it’s just a great fun movie. You can watch it with the kids and just kick back.


If you haven’t seen it, here’s the good news. I’m posting it for you to watch….for free.

Here’s the bad news though. If you like to dress up as an adult like Peter Pan, I can’t help you

~ Jihad Georgi

Star Wars

7 Apr

Star Wars.

Maybe you’ve heard of it.

It’s one of my favorite movies.

It was released in 1977 and can probably be best described as an American epic. There’s a lot more to this movie than just action figures and Mark Hamill.

That reminds me. Have you seen that guy lately? He looks like a trail of cat sick.


That guy looks like something Chewbacca coughed up.

Anyways, before George Lucas became a slightly bizarre reclusive toy peddler, he made Star Wars. A truly brilliant masterpiece that we all know and love.

Here it is, in all of it’s glory

~Jihad Georgi