Anonymous Complainer

18 Sep


So I was researching a company that was offering to sell me certain products. I went to the all-mighty Google and typed the names.. And you know the rest.

So what was funny is they have the anonymous websites that you can post your comments without being identified. How funny is that. Hey I don’t like a company so let me post it under a name or anonymous so no one will know me. HOW FULL OF CRAP ARE YOU. Lets think about his for a min shall we.

Why would you hide your name? Is it that you actually screwed up and you are trying to blame the company for your screw up. Did you forget to read the bill and noticed that your company overcharged you for something and you now what to bitch and complain. Or let me give you another one. You are a moron who did not pay your bill and when they canceled your service you called and bitch to complain and when they asked you to pay for what you owe you threw a fit.

How ironic and self-entitled are you. I never stop bitching about companies who do not do what they are suppose to do. BUT people wake up you gutless individuals. Hiding behind the vale of anonymity. WHY its because you have something to hide and you are too afraid for the company to monitor these sites and post that in fact you are the idiotic that did not pay your bill or did not check your bill etc etc.

Have the guts to tell the company I will be posting here and you are free to tell your side of the story on line as well. How many of you would actually do that. NOOOOO we have to hide because we have something to hide.

Companies give way too much credit for undeserving people. Like I said I will defend the consumer all day long but websites and associations that follow the consumer blindly with out verifying are stupid and should be banned.

Get the guts to stand up for what is right. And if you are right then you are right.

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